The 3D approach involves dividing the process into its component parts. Creative work can seem very overwhelming to clients. Each of the three steps will have specific tasks and expectations for SDJMedia and you, the client. This approach helps us to identify the specific needs of the project as well as the client.


During the initial consultation we will work with you to determine your needs and wants, as well as a budget and timeline. After a discussion of what types of media and long term needs we will suggest a solution. If you are interested in working together we will provide you a quote/proposal for your project.


Before we begin work we will outline the specifics of  YOUR 3D approach. We will provide you with mile markers to help you assess our progress as well as check lists of items (and a time line) we will need from you. It is important for both of us to be committed to the timely progress of the project.

During the design phase we will create as many comps as the project requires. Web sites may have a comp for each page while a Motion Graphics project might have a story board. We will work with you to create a look and feel (including color palette) that is right for your needs. Once you sign off on the design we will move to the next phase of the project.

During the development phase our team will begin the coding process. Coding is what makes your site/app function. The development phase is where the majority of the work is done. Therefore it will also be the longest part of the project. You will be able to test the work in progress (for websites) or view the progress (for other media).  After you sign off on this phase we will move to the final phase.

The deployment phase is all about delivering your project. During this final step of the project we will let you test drive the final product. We will also ask that you have others take a look at it and get some initial responses. We will be doing the same. Once we are both convinced the project is ready, we will present the final product as finished.

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